Eleni Koutsiona*, Triantafyllaki Kateriniovi

What is Juice? 

Juice is the newest mission of ESA, the European Space Agency, that will allow us to study planet Jupiter and three of its moons – Ganymede, Kallisto, and Europa. The name is an abbreviation of JUpiter’s ICy moons Explorer. 

What makes these moons special? 

Scientists believe that these three moons of Jupiter are hiding salty oceans under their icy surfaces – there is even evidence suggesting that Ganymede has more water than the surface of the Earth and maybe multiple layers of water and ice. The main goal of the mission is to assess whether any of the moons of Jupiter (possibly Europa) could be, or even have been (in the past) habitable if there could be some sort of life on it.  


After its launch in April 2023, JUICE will start its voyage, taking advantage of Earth’s gravity, our moon, and Venus in order to gain the necessary acceleration to enter a trajectory toward Jupiter. The voyage will last around 8 years (until 2031) and when it reaches its destination it will study the planet and its icy moons for 3.5 years, till it runs out of fuel and crashes on the surface of Ganymede in 2035. 

Eleni Koutsiona created a juice for the Juice Mission of ESA and got a prize for this creation! She is an undergraduate student at the University of Crete. Photos of her juice are attached